Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Since We Moved...

  • We've spent a day with no heat and frozen water pipes
  •  had 2 winter storms
  • gone to the Thai restaurant twice
  • and Vintage more than that
  • unpacked almost everything
  • primed our den (everything is closed due to the storm so I can't go get paint:( )
  • made a trip to IKEA and to pick up a washer and dryer with Jana (All the way to Charlotte, with a giant trailer, no man and a 6 week old baby!)

  • painted our bedroom
  • picked up a wonderful dog portrait (more on that later)

  • Our house is feeling more like home and I'm loving it!

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting by the fire. Eric is in his office working-they sent everyone home at 9:30 because of the storm.
 Pray our power doesn't go out!

Once the storm passes and people are done eating their milk sandwiches, I'll be able to go buy the rest of our paint. Hopefully that will be soon so I can give y'all some updates on our new home!