Monday, April 30, 2012

Devon Baer Designs-You've got to see her clothes

Have you seen or heard of this line? Her stuff is gorg. I saw her jewelry a couple of years ago and honestly, completely forgot to keep up with her styles. That was until the other day I spotted it over at Design Darling. Thank God for sources...I was going to have to email her to see where she got her dress!

Devon Baer Designs is a designer based in Manhattan. You can find her line on ETSY! NEVER would have thought of Etsy for clothes, except for kiddos. Who knew?

The dress that started this love affair:

Here are a few of my favorites:
(all images from Devon Baer Designs)

 Harbour Knit Top

 McLain Tunic Dress

 St. Barts Tunic

 Zoe Top

Greek Key Dress


I may have to order the Greek Key Dress in orange...yes she offers custom colors! I think it would be PERFECT for a tailgate!

Be sure to check out her website here!

Does anyone own any of her pieces? 
Are there any other great Etsy finds?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Curius Wyatt Turns ONE!

As summer approaches, so does Mr. Wyatt's birthday! Last year he had a "Curious Wyatt" themed party for his First Birthday. Not sure why we chose that theme but I'm glad we did!
As you can see, bananas played a major part in the decorations.

For the table "runner" I cut out different sized circles in blue, red, yellow and brown. It was left over from the cupcake toppers that I made. I also made monkey faces to stick on a few of the chairs!

My mom painted the cute banner to hang on the fence!

I made little monkey tails out of batting and wire coat hangers for all of the kids to wear (please don't judge my sewing ability, i taught myself to sew making the tails)

These cupcake toppers were super easy to make! I may be biased but I think they turned out to be pretty darn cute!

The birthday boy had a banana smash cake. As you can see, he cared less about the time I spent making it. He thought it was delish. (Can you tell he likes to eat?)

The party favors included mini bananas and bubbles..what 1 year old doesnt like both?

I think that everyone was worn out by the end of the party! Note to self: take a group picture at beginning of party

Me with the birthday boy!

And how cute are these? The PERFECT, easy thank you cards! Eric's mom made them. Check out her etsy shop to see more of her cute cards!

via Cards By Kooper

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Cotton Wedding

Here are a few pretties for the eyes





I'm more of a "southern wedding" type person than a "cotton wedding" type person. I do however think I could incorporate some of these details into my wedding (one day). How fun would it be to throw a cotton bouquet?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ellison- 6 months

A few days ago I photographed Ellison for her 6 month session. The weather was not cooperating so we're going to try again this weekend for some outdoor shots! Who knows if she'll be smiley or serious!


Your Big Sister, Allie Clyde adores your baby E!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Succulent Garden- DIY or not?

Vertical Gardens are a big trend right now. I'm thinking about DIYing one. There is an alcove on the front porch that needs something.Some of them have designs or swirls in them-I wonder if I could turn one into a monogram?





What do you think about vertical/succulent gardens? Do you have one?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a bought WHAT?!

What a crazy weekend! I'll break it down for you day by day.

I went to a rehearsal for a fashion show held by Saint Anthony's Women's League. Yes, this was my modeling debut.  Then a few friends came over and we had a few of these! 

They were delish. Highly recommend (I used vodka)!


I made my fashion show modeling debut. It was actually pretty fun! I went with Eric's mom, sisters and Aunt. 
I wore a cute black dress from Pretty N' Bliss. Then, I wore some really cute outfits from Flirt Boutique. They always have SUPER cute things. My friend Lacey bought it last year and always stocks up on awesome outfits.Great gameday finds for Clemson and Carolina fans as well.

Here are some pics from her store. Check it out if you are in town!

Then, we had some people over and grilled out. Eric and William made delicious burgers.


We had a family lunch to celebrate my little brother Frank's 10th birthday! CRAZY

And then....
Say what? Yes we have a boat now... just in time for the summer!
Throw name ideas our way. I personally like Mother Fletcher but it's not going over so well.

Though we won't be purchasing one of these for a long time, how CUTE are they?


I wish they made them in my size!