Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a bought WHAT?!

What a crazy weekend! I'll break it down for you day by day.

I went to a rehearsal for a fashion show held by Saint Anthony's Women's League. Yes, this was my modeling debut.  Then a few friends came over and we had a few of these! 

They were delish. Highly recommend (I used vodka)!


I made my fashion show modeling debut. It was actually pretty fun! I went with Eric's mom, sisters and Aunt. 
I wore a cute black dress from Pretty N' Bliss. Then, I wore some really cute outfits from Flirt Boutique. They always have SUPER cute things. My friend Lacey bought it last year and always stocks up on awesome outfits.Great gameday finds for Clemson and Carolina fans as well.

Here are some pics from her store. Check it out if you are in town!

Then, we had some people over and grilled out. Eric and William made delicious burgers.


We had a family lunch to celebrate my little brother Frank's 10th birthday! CRAZY

And then....
Say what? Yes we have a boat now... just in time for the summer!
Throw name ideas our way. I personally like Mother Fletcher but it's not going over so well.

Though we won't be purchasing one of these for a long time, how CUTE are they?


I wish they made them in my size!


  1. WHAT?! and that baby seat looks really creepy and unsafe. I say no go on that. But thats awesome!! So cool! Mother fletcher is a little creepy as well. It makes me think of nuns. Plus, I would crack up watching you swing around in one of those things.

    I say you name it Big Riggs

  2. That is so awesome about the boat. Y'all will love it I'm sure! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Jena-it only goes up when the boat is anchored! haha. Come visit and we cake take it out for a ride!
    Elenie- Thanks so much! I hope you did too. Thanks for following my blog :)

  4. That drink looks delicious! The boat will be such a great investment because you'll be on it all the time! Love the swing and yes, I would put my kids in it for sure! (with a life jacket of course!) So I guess this means no Chicago? Oh and we are hoping to move back east by July 1st...need to be around family with the girls so that I can go back to work!