Sunday, December 2, 2012


Lately, I've been busy.

And, I've realized something...

I've always tried to do everything. I'm learning to prioritize.
Learning people, learning. 

I am going to continue blogging-I love it! Although it may not be EVERY day like it used to be, I'm going to write about what I love. When I have something to say, I'll say it. 

No more thinking of what to write about! I'm over that:)

Let's do bullets of my lately shall we?

-drove (like he would ever let me) rode TEN hours to SC
-spent Thanksgiving week back in SC
-took lots of photos there
-tried to visit everyone
-drank way too much wine
-visited Scarlett's
 -recieved a beautiful tobacco leaf
-rode TEN hours back to OH
-edited pictures
-decorated a house for the Columbus Holiday Tour of Homes
-went Christmas tree shopping
-started decorating our house

Lately, I've been busy!

 I'll be back soon with an overload of pictures from Florence!


  1. That quote is for me today.. THANK YOU. I am trying to do it all, and add to my plate. My hubby is rolling his eyes at me wondering what am I thinking! I want to cut the wood for my fireplace today, while IM working and also putting up decorations! Im certifiable.
    Take your time Fletcher, find a middle ground, and Nancy listen to your advice.
    xoxo Nancy

  2. Oh I needed to see this - frustrating when you try to do too much. I so understand where you are and Christmas is especially hard to maintain blogging daily. We'll be here ready to read whenever you have time - happy Monday!