Monday, October 7, 2013

Columbus Blogger Babies

A few months ago, I got together with a few other Columbus bloggers to throw a SURPRISE baby shower for the 3 preggo bloggers!

We decided to have the shower on my back deck-ONE day after the deck was HALFWAY completed....whew!

 The Preggos

 I put two tables together to make one large square...
I covered it in burlap, added these lanterns and DIY aged pots with herbs...
so simple!

Aren't these boxed dinners cute?
I made two different sandwiches (I need to post recipes instructions... they're delish and easy), wrapped them in parchment 
paper and tied them with bakers twine! 
We also had fruit kabobs and pasta salad.

Here's the gift table...
We each brought the same book for each baby.
And these blocks?? GENIUS! 
Not only can you track weeks but days, months and years!

All of the Columbus, OH bloggers!
Emily, Alicia, Lindsey, Me, Lindsey, Holly

It was so much fun...I'm SO late posting. 

It's now time for a sip and see:)


  1. You are the cutest! The set-up looked great!

  2. Thanks again for hosting! Hard to believe all the babies are here now!