Monday, June 4, 2012

The Oyster or the Pearl?

Which one do you like in your home?

I personally like the oyster. But a mix is great too. Something about  an oyster and being in the south. Too bad we have a little while before it's an "r" month again :(


 oyster shell fireplace

 oyster shell chandelier

 oyster shell lamps 

 oyster shell mirror

 oyster shell cross

 oyster shell candle holder

Shell Bust

 Oyster Shell Painting

 The Pearl:

 mother of pearl inlay

pearl knob 

 Mother of Pearl lamps

 Pearl Mirror
 Pearl Chandelier

 Mother of Pearl backsplash

Pearl Mosaic

The perfect combo:

L.O.V.E this bathroom! 

What will be for you? Oyster? Pear? Both?

I think some of the oyster pieces could become great DIY projects!


  1. What a cute post. I don't know.... I'd have to say both!

  2. okay, that oyster painting is amaze. My husband would go crazy over it!

  3. I love the Mother of Pearl backsplash!

  4. I LOVE that oyster painting!!