Friday, June 1, 2012

Beach, Vet and an Awesome Jewelry Line!

This is a totally random post of my week (in pictures):

We spent last weekend at the beach with our friends Patrick and Ashley! Wish we lived there.

Riggs Chillin'

Lucy aka Dumbo

Poor guy, has a rash and had to get a cone.
Wyatt and I had to take him to the vet on Tuesday. Let me tell you, I thought I needed a child leash too. 
Vet with puppy + almost 2 year old= pure craziness

Wyatt didn't really know what to do with Riggs' "hat"

So he gave some doggie kisses...
They're bffs btw

 How he chills to watch the Today show:
 Al is his favorite :)

Not sure if you remember my post about these shoes...
Well...TJ, you rock. Only pair, one size (my size) $29.99!
Destiny I tell ya, destiny.
Not exactly the same but pretty damn similar.

Last night I went to a jewelry show. LOVED everything there.
She paints too!

This is what I ended up with!

Close up:

THANK YOU ERIC! If you live around here, you can pick up some of Mary Kent's pieces at the Copper Penny! Everything is custom made and she has many more pieces. If you aren't close, don't worry get yours here!

Have a great weekend! xoxo

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