Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

off to Ohio I go!

Well, I'm leaving for New Albany after playgroup. Even thought it's a
 short trip, hopefully we will find a house!

Growing up, I lived in 3 houses on the same street. crazy. I know. 
This move will be completely different. We can't just walk stuff down the street or throw it in the car without packing it

Send any packing (and unpacking) tips my way!

Speaking of unpacking, what room is the best room to decorate first?

Living Room?
Dining Room?

Of course I will be constantly changing things around but didn't know if a particular room would make it feel more "homey"

Here are a few "new house" inspiration pics:


  1. Good luck with the house hunt and the move, Fletcher! Great inspiration photos!!

    All best,

  2. Good luck with your move! We've moved several times and I always unpack the kitchen first--seems like we live in there:) You've got some great inspiration, love those botanicals.

  3. Be very clear on marking the boxes. Take the time to write on it what is in it. Mark what room but also the contents. That way you can find what you need and don't have to unpack everything immediately. My suggestion is to unpack the kitchen with at least your essentials first. Set up the bed too. That way you have a place to crash after the tiring move. Keep your sheets and a couple towels handy so you are set.