Monday, July 30, 2012

This Is Why I Drink...Or Atleast At Airports

I had a crazy, busy, exhausting week. 

Here's the DL:

On Sunday night I dropped Eric off at the Airport

 kept Wyatt and Carson
hosted play group
 flew to Charlotte
 waited in Charlotte (plane was delayed due to maintenance on a prior flight)
Got to Columbus

checked out our new town
looked at houses
got lost...a LOT

went to the Columbus airport
waited (plane was delayed due to maintenance on a prior flight)
Landed in Charlotte
Hauled ass to my connecting flight (all the way across the airport)
Made it to my gate with 2 minutes left
waited (plane delayed due to maintenance on a prior flight)
waited some more
flight was cancelled
waited on a bus
drank at a bar by myself
rode on a bus back to Florence

woke up
ran around town trying to find train birthday party supplies
4 stores...
only Walmart had train whistles- go figure
made cupcake toppers
iced cupcakes
iced smash cake
picked up baloons
made it to the party
 went to Florence After Five
picked Eric up from the airport

Yes, it was a crazy, busy, exhausting week.

Good news though- Eric put an offer on a house and it was accepted!
Woo Hoo!

This is it. Small little farmish house. I think it needs shutters and a window box. Paint in the future. 

What would you change?



  1. That house is absolutely adorable! I love cottage style houses. It looks great as is...If the trim was painted white to match the railing on the porch, it would REALLY pop! Too cute!
    Hope your day is going great Girl!

  2. What a wonderful house. I agree shutters and a window box would be cheerful. The existing flower border is a nice feature. Have fun!

    And you deserve a glass of wine!

    All best,

  3. SO cute! And very Ohio ;) Yay!!

  4. EEK I know exactly where this house is! Literally less than {or close to} a mile from us!