Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirsty Thursday & An Appetizer

Hey loves! Can you believe it's Thursday already?? Me either! Where did this week go? I'm totally not complaining though.

We're having a few friends over tonight and I needed something easy peasy to fix for an appetizer. 

The requirements: No cooking, hardly any prepping and delish

Cheese tray it is!

Since the weather here has been freakin cray cray, we're soaking up 
every last bit of warmth that we can get. A cheese tray on the deck is perfect...and what is a cheese tray without wine? Nothing, I know.

This cheese tray (courtesy of Martha), looked perfect for tonight. 
I'll be heading to the store after work to pick some of these pairings up!

And while I'm there, I'll grab a few of these inexpensive wines. Can you believe that all of these are under $12?? Rumor has it that they're GREAT!

See you tomorrow ladies!

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