Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our New House: The Den Plan

Well, we move in two weeks! Crazy, right?

I recently wrote a post on making our new house a home. You can read it here. I still have every intention to do so! To do that, quickly, I have to use what I've got. Let's be real, I can't go out next week and buy everything I want to decorate our house.  I want to live in this house, and then see what I want to do with different rooms. But no matter what, I'm going to make it feel like home. 

The first room I'm going to tackle is the den. I feel like we'll spend most of our time in there so I want us to be able to enjoy it right away. I've done my best to incoroporate Eric's "style" birds and hide into this space. After all, it's his house too!

Instead of coming up with a master plan, I've come up with a few phases. Sure, these may change along the way, but I think I have a pretty good starting point. We already have a lot of these pieces which will make it easier to accomplish soon. . 

I know that I want the walls painted white...
actually, all of the rooms will be white. 

 Phase 1:

 (Eric's favorite board)

 Both of these boards are considered phase one. The only difference is the cow hide rug (which we already have). 

Eric likes the 2nd one better, I like the 1st.

Phase Two: 

(My favorite board)

 In Phase Two, I want to get a Persian rug and a new coffee table. 

I planned the room around this coffee table. Even though it's not in Phase One, I wanted to plan. That's why you see green throughout the rooms on P1! Remember, I want to make it feel like a home starting with what we already have. If you plan, you can reach your long term goal, step by step.

To give you (and Eric) an idea of the furniture layout, I've placed a few items in a picture. Thank you, Photoshop:)

Which board you you like the best?

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  1. I like your idea about boards showing 'phases'! What a smart way to decorate!