Monday, September 24, 2012

Drum Roll Please... and Guest Post Line Up!

Eric and I have a lunch date today. Not quite sure if we'll be eating though. We'll be CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE!!

So I have a confession to make. I'm sort of really weird about house keys.
 In that I don't like normal, little, regular ones.
 I like large chunky ones. 

Weird, I know. 
Is it just me or do ya'll have a preference too? Shape, style color?
I'll be sure to let ya'll know the details of the keys we get:)

In other news....
Since I'll be pretty busy the next few days, I've lined up some greats Guest Posts for you. I'll be popping in every now and then and to announce the winner for the Pennington and Bailes GIVEAWAY! If you haven't entered, make sure you do!

The Line Up:

Make sure you stop back by over the next week or so to hear they're great ideas, tips, and thoughts!


  1. Hi Fletcher,
    I also prefer larger keys to the standard size. The Emtek blank is a good choice - it has a pleasing shape. Yes, I did just write that about a key - can you you say OCD?!?

  2. And congratulations on the house! Hope everything went smoothly!!

  3. I've never paid much attention, but now I want a new house key! :) Have fun getting settled!

  4. I have that Emtek that Phyllis mentioned. I'ts fine, but I prefer the custom ones you get at a hardware store. Mine is Sponge Bob. Happy moving.