Monday, April 29, 2013

Come To Homegoods Come On Get....Happy, Happy, Happy

I tried to write this post last Friday but it wouldn't let me upload images:(

Seriously go.
Like now.

 I'm not kidding.

I made a quick trip into one of our local 
homegoods today and was SO surprised!

Yeah, yeah, I go a lot-I know. This time was different though.

Usually there are a couple of things I like.
Sometimes there is nothing.
This time, there was a TON

Want to see the goods?

Way to go HG! I was impressed!


  1. I love HomeGoods! Cute stuff and great prices are the perfect combination!

  2. Great finds! I gotta get over to mine!

  3. Love you picks! I'm dying to know what the prices are. Been looking for a garden stool with good design. The ABC's would look great in my g'sons bedroom. Guess I'll 'have' to hit Home Goods and check it out. Thanks for the tour.

  4. I constantly say I hate Home Goods ... and I constantly go in and find things i love and buy them. I think I have reality issues!! Love what they are doing right now!! xo

  5. which one do you to go? i really want that black and white rug.