Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today I'm saying so what to...

  • the new SUCKS. You can complain here 
  • this sucks too. At least it's not snowing...come on SPRING
  • Pinterst...I've had so many fails lately
  • trying to cut back my caffeine intake... at Starbucks this morning, I had TWO drinks
  • I wanted to change a few things on my blog... my "blog designer" has been on "vacation" for several months now. bummer
  • I've been complainig this whole post...sorry:)

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  1. Is what it is, girl. Love you just keepin' it real!

  2. Ugh, bummer about Pinterest, I haven't wanted to check it out yet! Maybe it's not the best time to cut back on your coffee! :)