Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Lunch- Whew!

Well I promise this is the last Mother's Day post- until next year! First of all, happy belated Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! I was glad to be able to host a lunch for all of the mother's in my family!

Here is a rundown of our weekend:

the stomach bug hit me. BAD. never got sick but felt like hell.
Stayed in bed almost all day. 
Tried to go to Frank's baseball game, had to have Eric drive race me home.
It was awful I tell you. It's May in South Carolina and 
I was freezing- even with 2 blankets!
sorry if it's TMI but that's how I roll.
Thank God it went away for Saturday/Sunday

Made pom-poms
hung pom-poms
(Looks safe huh? Yeah, we still don't have a ladder)
made a banner 
made napkins
went to the grocery
got the LAST ham in Florence at Harris Teeter 
(the woman who was looking at the hams with me had been to 4 stores already)
made potato salad
Cleaned the house
watched Eric and Drayton have a few way too many drinks
Guess I can't talk for Drayton- he wasn't hosting lunch 20+ people the next morning
went to bed

Started getting ready around 8:30
made breakfast
ran errands
picked basil
made corn salad
(Eric is still asleep)
ran around like a mad woman
had lunch

Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday
stupid me forgot to snap some pics before everyone was here!

Thanks to the bug, I didn't have time to get as much stuff done as I wanted...maybe next year!


  1. Sorry you got so sick but it looks like it was a wonderful {and very thoughtful} party!