Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seriously? You Aren't Going To Buy It Because Of The Wall Color??

Have you ever noticed that on the HGTV house hunting shows the people are crazy? I get so aggravated when they say "i don't like the color" or "that light fixture is ugly" or "the appliances aren't stainless steel" or yatta yatta yatta. Are you kidding me??? They sell paint at the store, along with light fixtures and appliances-thank you very much.

Some of these houses have so much potential! It drives me CRAZY!! Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty picky about houses. I don't like new construction, unless you are building the house.  Oh, and when they set a price range, why the hell would you have a low end? I would totally look at all houses up to the top of my price range. You could score a really great fixer upper and make it exactly what you want!

I think more like the Property Brothers- I don't know about you but I am in love with that show. I think they are about the only people that have any sense on these house hunting shows.

All of this got me thinking...what do I look for in a house?

My list: 

1) A good neighborhood & school district
(you can't change that)
2) An older house
 (I know some many people would disagree but you can't get the 
same charm with a new construction-it's worth it to me to keep up an older home)
3) Brick or Wood
(I do like red brick, however, I LOVE painted brick. I also like wood siding and shingles (sometimes)
If it's a great house and ugly brick or wood-I can paint it!) 
4) A good layout (or potential to have one)
You can always knock down walls, you just have 
to make sure they aren't load barring)
 Yep, I think that's it. I know it's short but I also know I can change most things. Now just because it has all of these, it doesn't mean I will scoop it up! 

Here are some inspiring before and after pictures!



 So, what do you look for in a house?

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  1. The exteriors of those houses are really impressive before and after's. I have to admit that once when my husband and I were house-hunting I refused to get out of the car because I could tell from a distance that the house had vinyl siding. (We ended up totally residing the shingled house we ultimately bought, but it was a lot smaller than the other one.):-)

  2. Ok, I agree that the same things drive me crazy on that show, especially the paint color issue - painting is not that hard people!! I lucked out because my dad is an architect and my husband isn't afraid to get his hands dirty so we go into houses with an open mind about the possibilities. I also think it's best to live in a space you want to renovate for a while so you can figure out what would work better for you and your needs. As we start looking for houses again, I'm not sure about major renovations with two little kids but we'll see - as you said, you can't change school districts or the overall structure!