Thursday, August 23, 2012


There are 2 different scenarios:

Eric's prayers have been answered

I need prayers to cope with living like this for month

I'm not exactly sure which one we're dealing with here.

Anyway, we packed up the house and moved it to a storage unit this past weekend. We then packed up our cars and made the long journey to Ohio. Let me tell you what a fun drive that was. I my car was so full that I could only see out of my window. It was scary to say the least. Thank you, UHaul for not renting trailors to Ford Explorer's (Eric and I both drive them). 
Thanks to you, I'm living in a man cave.

 Think I'm joking? Take a look

 And yes, that is a yeti cooler for the coffee table. Lovely huh?
 Eric could not be any happier.

This will be my living room for the next monthish 

I'm pretending it looks a little like this:

In other important news, I have INTERNET!!! WOO HOO! They man just came and set it up like literally 20 minutes ago! So ready to catch up on all of the posts I have missed. A girl can only see/read so much from a phone screen. 

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  1. Welcome to Ohio! I hope that you have a smooth transition to country life!