Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Crafty Home Life: A Man Cave Design

Today I'm excited to share with y'all Linda's plan for Eric's Man Cave. You see Linda is a serial DIYer and if you haven't checked out her blog you should. She will make you want to get your crafty on. What better room to save money and do DIY projects than a man cave? 

Hello High Cotton Style readers. I'm Linda, from the blog My Crafty Home Life

Fletcher is away on a top secret assignment. Actually, I'm not sure it is a secret at all...in fact, it is probably public knowledge? Well, regardless...I'm outing the information:

Fletcher is buying a home and joining many of us in the never-ending bank account draining, energy sucking land of HOME-OWNERSHIP! 

She has asked me to give you her my thoughts on a Man Cave for her boyfriend.

I will do this for her, but as usual, I am glad my husband does not know where I am today....because he is NEVER getting one in my our home.

Here is the photo of the room she sent me from the MLS

I am guessing that it is this portion of the upstairs. It is the obvious place, right?

That is the best I can do with blowing up the floor plan..sorry, but you get the drift. A 12 x 12 room with slanted ceilings on both walls, and a window at the back. 

Starting with the entrance to the hallway from the living area, I demolished the existing closet. 

Fletcher and Eric need more storage! Since she probably doesn't have a ton of cash lying around, I selected 2 of these Ikea closets. They will fit the 10 foot run perfectly.

A little hacking like adding some molding, better hardware, and bringing the bottom flush to the front, like I did with my Malm dressers....and this will look like a million bucks!

Now we move into the room. On the right and left side of the room, 
I would add bookshelves like these
Apparently there are hardwood floors under the carpet...so, again...saving money

Paint them!
A runner for the hall, and a solid high gloss color for the Man Cave
Add a cowhide rug
Next up, what would any Man Cave be without a television!

I am totally taking care of you, Mr. High Cotton Style..

Right here is where the television should go
If I calculated it right, you should be able to squeeze a 40" tv here....give or take. So, how about a pallet wall television mount
The opposite window wall would get this treatment

A couple of club chairs...and you're done. Or, he's done!

Good luck with your new home, Fletcher. I can't wait to see what you decide to do. If you lived closer, I would come and help you.


  1. Linda is a genius when it comes to a floor plan! Great ideas!!!

  2. great post - i love it. im not showing to my hubby though because hes constantly talking about how much he wants a mancave. in our cottage, we just dont have the room. i hope yours gets his tho:)

  3. Great thoughts Linda ... my husband doesn't have one either. He gets an office ... it does have a tv ... but that is THAT!! Love the pallet wall idea ... just saw this in a magazine last night done on an accent wall behind a bed. pretty rustic chic going around!! You picked the right Girls for the Job Fletcher! xo

  4. Ohhh I love this! My husband did a pallet wall just like that in our garage and it looks awesome! Do it!

  5. I love your plan!! We do have a man cave here....but I love it! its the library....I put it together so you know its awesome!

  6. No man cave over here either but your plan is wonderful Linda. I think I would like to hang out in that room.

  7. wow what a nice wife to allow a man cave for her husband. i love all of your ideas, cant wait to see how it turns out!

  8. Thanks for having me, Fletcher. I hope your unpacking is going well.

  9. Great job, Linda! Any man would love having this space. And mine will never have one either!

  10. LOVE your ideas! Would love to see how it turns out.