Monday, October 1, 2012

The Campbells: Kitchen Ideas

Today, Kistler is visiting from The Campbells to share a few ideas for my new kitchen! I'm so glad she is because I just love her style. 

In our dream world, we would open up an interior design store together. 
Too bad I'm in day, right?:)

She is the go to color girl in Florence and is pretty great at helping decorate too! If you need help, check her out at Carolina Supply House! They have some pretty awesome light fixtures too!

First, let me say that we miss Fletcher here in SC!!! We can't wait to have her back, Columbus
enjoy her because she is not staying :)!
For my guest post, I am going to share a  few of my favorite kitchens with you. I'll also share a few ideas that might work well in Fletcher's new digs 
(very cute btw).
This is one of my favorite kitchens, I actually based our kitchen off of this picture. Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors gets credit for this amazing kitchen and was so sweet to actually share her colors with me. I was 8 months preggo and pretty much desperate because everything in my house was turning light blue. This color can be tricky, but if you get it right...beautiful!
I love the look of a clean kitchen, always pretty but a little more fancy than functional.

I think Fletcher should do an island and find a pretty pendant (or pendants) to go over. 

This goodman pendant is one
of my  favorites and one day WILL be in my house!
This second is understated yet clean and pretty. It would instantly add a little touch of modern (and update) to any room.
We love you Fletcher! xoxo


  1. Beautiful kitchens. I like the idea of a pair of pendants over the island. And a farmhouse sink - my favorite.
    Hope the unpacking is going well!

  2. Oh goodness, those kitchens are so beautiful! I love the farmhouse sink, and hardwoods, and light cabinets, etc. Hope all is well!