Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The South Carolina Joggling Board Company

Meet Jammie Harris- Owner of The South Carolina Joggling Board Company.

And this, is his story.

"Standing on the shoulders of Sam Tinsley, I first built a joggling board for my brother as a house warming gift. And the word got out. Joggling boards originated in Scotland and were first documented in Aiken, South Carolina, over 300 years ago. They are more recently associated with Charleston, South Carolina, where they are most prominent.  

Although there are many silly stories about the origin of joggling boards, it is most likely that they were created out of necessity to keep children off of home construction sites. On these sites, large planks were placed on the ground to the foundation for workers to enter and exit the structure;these planks had a lot of give to them which attracted children who wanted to jump and spring on them. A long plank would therefore be moved off of the site on which the children could play. Eventually this idea took on its own life as a toy to be placed on covered porches."

Today, joggling boards are still popular on porches around the South. Jammie filled a need for them in the Florence area and those who are fortunate enough to have his pieces will be forever grateful. 
Not only does he make new boards, he repairs old ones as well. 
Many boards are passed down from generation to generation and although they last for almost a hundred years, they sometimes need repairs.
What a great family heirloom to have! 
Jammie doesn't stop at joggling boards. 
He offers a variety of handmade items.
One of my favorites; the framed tobacco leaves.  

These leaves are grown in the area, dried and then matted on linen. 
The frames are handmade and decorated with hand carved tobacco leaves.

Oyster roasts are very popular around here. 
Of course, you need the right table to serve guests from. 

Hand made oyster tables are the way to go.

With it being oyster season, every man (or woman) needs
 one of these for oyster roasts! 

I had such a great afternoon with you, Jammie. 
Thanks for showing me around your workshop.

This spring, I hope to add a little joggle to my porch too!

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  1. What a great story and workshop - I love the carrying on of traditional crafts and history.

  2. Ive never heard of that! What a fun story and a great field trip.
    xo Nancy

  3. Those are cool, Fletcher. I don't know if I ever told you but I grew up on a tobacco farm and these kind of remind me of what we used to put over the tobacco beds to kneel on to pull weeds when the plants were small.

  4. Fletcher, your photograghs are wonderful and your descriptions are spot on. Thank you for your interest and attention. Jammie